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Walk to Send Charity in the rain, Send Love on the Mid-Autumn----Love of Public Benefit from Shenzhen Kam's

Data: 2016-10-05

                  Chengjie Voluntary Association: Condolence to the Poor Student on the MId-Autumn Festival, Warm love for people's heart

  10, September, 2016 was a normal day, also a special day.

  In the morning, we got together at the the base of the Chengjie Voluntary Association, preparing all items for the activity of "Celebrate the Mid-autumn, Care for Poor Students, and Send Warmth"

  Mooncakes, fruits, lights were our kindness and warmth.

  Sincere exchanges and condolence was our sincere concern and care.

  The day was a normal day, also a special day.

  On the day, Chengjie Voluntary Association brought their condolence and warmth to the poor students.

  Our power was limited, but we would do our best to serve the society, care for the villagers based on Gaozhou.

  We don't do charity; we just spread love and warmth.

  And love will always continue.


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