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Light and KAMS
Light provides energy to all things in the natural world.Artificial light also creats value by adding beauty and functionality in such human-made environments as architectural spaces,interiors and landscapes.Innovation is our pursuit.Superior quality of light is our insistence.But,what defines KAMS is the deep enthusiasm and lover for light.

Realize Green
Being environmentally conscious influences our entire product is development.Our practice from the selection of materials and packing to light sources reflects our respect for our environment.KAMS,are committed to go into the relationship between the properties of light and Earth is environment in order to creat an abundant next generation environment by using energy efficiently and without waste,rather than resorting to a fundamentally negative energy-saving approach.KAMS product collections contribute to the sustainability of our planet thanks to their superior quality and lasting performance.

International Advanced Design
KAMS is committed to world-top-class lighting luminaires design & develop and manufacture.Our quality criterion goes in the same level with world-top-class luminaires.The key components of our lighting products are from international famous brand companies,Our team of design and R&D are highlighted with experienced experties & consultants.Our team of R& D gathers a group of enthusiam engineers,young and experienced.Our lighting luminaires are equipped with advanced technology and aesthetic design,which match the world customers demands and designers taste in lighting application.We insist an originality. So far,KAMS, have been granted with our own product design patent.The aesthetics of design changes as time goes by,good values remain.

Unity,Pragmatic,Innovation and Dedicated
These are the attributes that describe the new collections launched by KAMS,the fruits of three years of great efforts of KAMS whole team.Our designers & engineers with the suppport of our foreign consultants have created these state-of-the-art collections by adopting new technology and new materials without sacrificing our core values of unity,pragmatic,innovation and dedicated.

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