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Since founded in Hong Kong in 2009, KAMS perseveres in concentrating on LED commercial lighting for 7 years and become a bright pearl in the LED industry with an amazing growth speed and innovation concept. At the beginning, KAMS has put luminaire design and R&D at the first place of the brand development. Over the years, when keeps making innovation, pays attention to sophisticated technology, optimizes product details, KAMS dedicates itself more to create exquisite and perfect lighting efficiency. Moreover, it took the lead in advocating the functionalization, modularization, high adaptability, and upgradability of illumination system design, and won the high recognition in the industry. Simple but perfect, in low profile but special, unified in style, and elegant, that is the lights from KAMS, illustrating good taste. With high standard selection of materials and high quality process, KAMS sincerely declare to the world---KAMS' lights are safe, efficient, environmental friendly, and sustainable. There is no perfect individual, but perfect team. KAMS values the talents, recruits more capable personel, and builds an experienced R&D team, energetic sales team, intelligent marketing team, strict reliable QC&A team, and efficient production team. KAMS' positive competition mechanism makes the teams more professional and excellent, and offer better services around the world. KAMS objective: to create good competition system and atmosphere, make all teams become more professional and provide better service to the global customers.
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