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Hengzhao Shi Said Not to Listen to Others

Data: 2016-08-19

Hengzhao Shi Said Not to Listen to Others

  He spent most of the time on quietly listening, so his calmness is impressive; Occasionally, not frequently, he will ask a question directly pointing the core problem.  you'll unexpectedly find it turned out that he has helped you find the problem, and the solutions will be vividly portrayed. He is a good listener, and he accuratedly seizes customers' demands by asking and listenning, which must have been his "simplicity".

Picture: on a new course of Xinrui lighting designers, after guiding youth lighting designers quick creation, hearing the creative designers collision of creation, Mr Shi quickly gets them back to the topic, and quickly sorts out clear clue from the scattered thoughts. In his view, the good design ideas is necessary, but what is more important is to meet the demand of the theme and accurate implementation of design.

Picture: the picture is a light art installation of "Ingenious Pen" for Beijing International Lighting Festival created by Mr Shi for lighting up Beijing. He says, inspired by his childhood favorite "lianliankan" game, he made it. Keeping connecting according to a myriad of small points and numbers on the album , 1, 2, 3..., we all don't know what kind of pattern will appear. This installation  applys the characteristics of the laser,  combined with the mirror reflection principle, to complete the interesting behavior with a pen at childhood.

                                                                                                                    The Sixth Question: the Ways of Lighting Design
                                                                                           First have ingredients and finished products, then have a way of cooking
 Usually, when we see a building, we will see the light first or lights first or see the building first then think of the light. How would you expalain your light design. Here we use cooking ways to expound it.
 "We always first see the buildings, and only think of what the feeling is after buildings's casting light. At that time, no lights and nobody can tell you where the light is from. What we see is the consequence of the building casted by lights, which is the final answer." Mr Shi says," For the buildings we see today, what will make people touched ? And what is the characterics? How would you do to show such a result "
 Today, for instance, designers need to light up the whole building, which won't say how to form the light, add a lamp beside it, putting one here, another over there, and this side should be bright, another as well, but say, "I know on the wall this place is more important, brighter accordingly, other places should be darker, or much darker. When I can speak it, I didn't tell you where lights should be set or how the light should cast. I just tell you, due to buildings with light, we usually see the buildings with light together, so what we see is actually building itself. Like the ingredients of a building, when see the ingredients, you can imagine what it is after cooking, and can directly see the dish in your mind. Also, the same thing is light, what you see is the result of the building after the casting light, this is my final product. After I confirmed the final  ingredients I'll go back to think about it by technical means. How I cut, how to do it, and how long it will be cooked, which are the process. Reasonable design process can make sure to more smoothly finish their imagined good dish."Mr Shi explained.

Picture: the Capital Museum Square Hall in Beijing

                                                                                                      The Seventh Question: how to Persuade Many of Your Adivisers
                                                                                                                                          You must hold water
  Some designers do the design, from design to final construction, from the beginning to the end in the change. Often influenced by architects, interior designers, owners and various advisers' ideas or suggestions, or others' casual words, you might be diffident and untenable to change your design? What should we do this?

  "The most important thing is to trully understand projects executed by yourself  , and after digestion, you should communicate and coordinate with them in each other's  profession or position, or the words they can understand, "I think, from your building , the concept of itself is supposed to be like what," similarly, interact with each other to persuade the other party in their words.

  Again, when you meet all give you different opinions, all hope that their views can be adopted, you should be more thoughtful, and then give them a reasonable answer. One of the most important thing is that this is the most appropriate answer in your view, but not others' answer!"

Picture: the Church of Lixiang Lake in Chongqing

                                                                                                 The Eighth Question: the Design Philosophy of Shihengzhao
                                                                                                         Do what you should do; not do what you shouldn't do
The design philosophy of Mr Shi seems very simple, that is, do what you should do; not do what you shouldn't do. But in reality, it's not so easy to operate, because the project with less lamps looks more simple, it is more difficult to implement.
  "For lighting design, it doesn't mean that it is better to add more lights, because the environment is bright enough without accent lighting, which equals to no brightness.  It is more uncertain for many light designers in face of the simple things. For this what we should do? In addition, all designers can do the ceiling design bestrewn with lamps, but when lamps are less to a  certain degree, it is time for testing designers' ability."
  Sometimes, the owner would say,"Why does design fee is more expensive than the total cost on lamps? For this, the key is that desiners cannot be afraid, and we cannot blindly add  a variety of  lamps considering his payment. It's key to let him know we are diligent. What we should do is to create a comfortable environment not stack different lamps in the space. We should not more blindly pursue the so-called special lighting effect, because after the freshness, it will be meaningless." Mr Shi says earnestly.

Picture: Wanda Westing Hotel in Hefei

                                                                                                    The Ninth Question: how to Settle the Fickleness of the Industry
                                                                                                             Lay a solid foundation, and others are not big problems
From the spring and autumn to the warring states period, domestic products, designers, engineers arose. Why is China fickle? Ultimately, for saving more money, the boss is like this and employee as well, so to be a boss needs to save more money and other things are unimportant. For small projects, many lighting design and engineering companies do not want to do it. Lamps manufacturers for such projects also do not want to producedue to less profit. Mr Shi mentioned in the interview, "A lot of people ask me, for the lamplight design of two hundred square meters, do or not ? As long as the price is reasonable, no project is impossible. But many manufacturers don't think so, when the project is small with a small number of lamps, a lot of manufacturers cooperation is lacking. We've met a lot of such manufacturers, his unwillingness is because the money designers saving for him  is not much, but the question is that how do you know designers help you save less this time, and the next time he will not have a big project for you? Therefore, some people's horizon is very narrow, especially manufacturers, some engineering companies as well, just for the sake of saving money."
  Saving money is, of course, not wrong, because with the money we can continue operating, and just for our shallow horizon eventually everything is money first."For the sake of money, turnover rate is increased, and people change work several times within a year with salary increased a few times, but the salar y rose up, their ability is not improved, which is pitiful for yourself. Certainly, deficient professional knowledge can make a living because any industry exist employees with deficient professional knowledge. For new comers,the premise is that at which degree you want to do and be what kind of person?" Mr Shi told reporters.

Picture: China Shipping Pavilion in Shanghai

                                                                                                          The Tenth Question: the Present Work, Life Attitude
                                                                                                                               Work seriouly, live happily
  Mr Shi is a man of high demand, in his self-evaluation said: "In the face of the factory, I will ask them a lot of problems from a professional point of view, for me, a lot of things I don't know. At this situation, someone needs to answer, so who will tell you that? It's manufacturer, there must be more professional person to tell you, but at home  most people's professional knowledge is not solid, and they are just thinking about how to sell the product out not want to learn knowledge well, which is also the result  caused by the frequent job-hopping just mentioned ."
  Mr Shi thinks he is rigorous, so he hopes, "Every step is done for sure. I often say good drawing picture  may have close effect with the casual drawings. For this it is only a question of ability, but at least I have to make out our products are professional. I try my best do my job well. Things done are a little better than others, which can only say that my own ability is insufficient, but at least I have duty to do a good job,that is, we should live up to ourselves, live up to own job. Hence, I think we should be rigorous and careful to do all things, lay a solid the foundation, you will be someone wherever you go."
  "Over the years, my biggest feeling is serious work, happy life. At work, I may have a lot of pressure, and feel very tired, but, after I finished, I will feel it most happy to walk on the way home at this time. So I think, in addition to hard work, to work hard and then to be able to
enjoy life are the most important for me."——Mr Shi 

Picture: Mingjiewanli Hotel in Shanghai

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