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Lighting Design Analysis on Three Areas of Hotels

Data: 2016-09-23

  Relatively speaking, the lighting design of hotels is always at the high-end position in the lighting design, because hotels design needs more careful ideation.
  Hotels are not only a public indoor space for guests, but a place for business, rest, relax and entertainment. A hotel without professional lighting design will have no special hotel atmosphere, even no good economic benefit. While pleasant light atmosphere can make appreciation for the hotel.
  Firstly, hotels lighting can be divided into lobby lighting, guest room liting and restaurant lighting according to lighting areas. Each area's lighting design has different discuss. Now Let's explain one by one.
                                                                                                                                           Lobby Lighting
  Lobby lighting  area has three main parts, namely door and front hall area lighting, service lighting as well as lighting of the resting area for guests. Comparing the brightness of illumination, three areas' lighting makes the non-intimate-scale space interesting, and there are ups and downs in a row over light and shade, creating a friendly  atmosphere on the whole.
1. Door and the Front Hall
   According to the different high space and different model, the lobby lighting will use different schemes for matching lights to enrich spatial level. Decoration can be used at the top of the lamp with a hidden technique.To enrich the space of the modelling level,we usually adopt large chandeliers to mark the hotel's style, and use grille downlights as the accent lighting.


   The light can play a role in directing guests, clearly make people know the direction of all regions, and create a luxurious and warm atmosphere.
   1M off the ground on the horizontal level, illumination should reach 300lx, color temperature: 3000K. If a low color temperature, the space is small; If too high, there will lack intimacy in space and be noisy, directly reducing the comfort of the guests.Color rendering index should be Ra>85. A high CRI can clearly make the receptionist and guests' commplexion and expressions showed, leaving a deep impression of satisfaction on guests.
2. Service Desk
   For service desk lighting, we usually use high-end lighting lamp.The lamp styles and colors should match the decorated environment. Recessed downlights are used as the above of the service desk. Under the soft light illumination, the service desk is warm and comfortable.
  Generally, the 500-800lx high brightness of illumination highlights the importance of the service desk and leads the guests' sight here. In addition, it also makes it easy to do the quick registration and settlement process. Color temperature, 3000K, in line with the front hall of the door  further strengthens the cordial atmosphere, and the color rendering index should be above 85.

3. The Resting Area for Guests
   The resting area for meeting guests' temporary wait and rest need not too high brightness: illumination 200lx, color temperature, 3000K, color rendering index, Ra>85. And it had better be dimmable to achieve the goal of saving energy at night.

   We should take consideration of not only the functionality but also the artistry regarding lighting. The brightness should be moderate and light layered; the integration of decoration style and the light should be paid more attention.
                                                                                                                                       Guests' Room Lighting
   The guests room should be as good as home bringing guests a feeling at home with calmness, comfort and warmness. The low illumination of the guests' room lighting can show the quietness, rest and even idolence. The general illumination is 50-100lx. Such accent lighting as the lighting of toilet mirror and reading lighting at the head of the bed, should be sufficient illumination with 300lx.

   A table lamp is used as accent lighting at a desk to settle business documents. The reading lighting at the head of the bed can choose a table lamp or wall lamp as the reading light or use an adjustable spotlight, but it had better be a dimmable light. We should choose anti-glare light for its improtance in the guests' room.

  Le Meridien Bangkok(no bedside table lamp, embedded strip light inside the background board, the installation distance and the projection angle of the spotlight can be seen directly. Notice: the projection area is the middle of the bed not the head.)

  The lighting design of the guests' lighting brings guests a warm, quiet, and comfortable feeling at home.
                                                                                                                                         Restaurants' Lighting
  The restaurant  is an improtant  lighting area in the hotel. The restaurant of the hotel is used as the place for business and other formal entertainment, so the general atmosphere should be formal and friendly. The general illumination should be above 500lx and even.

   Point light source, strip light source or other decoration lights can meet the demand of the good illumination. In order to make the quality and color of the dishes pleasant and vivid, provoking people's appetite, the lighting of the table should be accent lighting. And it would be better to install the light with high CRI above the table as the accent lighting, and the light color should be uniform and harmonious.

In addition to festival lanterns for decoration lighting installed above the table, the spotlights for accent lighting around the table gusrantees the beauty, offers good lighting for dishes in the meantime. And it will make guests a good mood for the delicate dishes when dining and impel them to return for a second visit due to its great environment.
 Notice: Passage from Lighting Minim Class  Empowered by Baiheng Lighting, pls note if transferred.

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