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Practical Residential Lighting Schemes―Using Light to Create A Feeling at Home

Data: 2016-08-16

Practical Residential Lighting Schemes―Using Light to Create A Feeling at Home

  Lighting design is the easiest thing to ignore when we do home decoration, while it will make a huge influence on household quality. The lighting inside the rooms can be quiet and comfortable, and also be romantic and intimate; it can keep people at the door outside, and can meet the guests at home. Now, let us one by one analyze how to use scientific lighting solutions to build a better household atmosphere.

Living Room
Lighting Design Points of Living Room:
   1. The living room is an important place for a family entertainment and a party that receive guests, and you can watch TV, read books, listen to music, having a party, so the  main tone of the sitting room's lighting design should be bright, practical and beautiful, in order to satisfy the demands of the use of various occasions.
   2. Lighting tips are flexible, and combined with aesthetics. If lighting is divided into a series of layers, then the main lighting illumination is slightly dimmer than needed.
   3. Don't ever forget the spotlight. Direct spotlights have a unique characteristic, which can increase the fashion sense, stereoscopic impression and elegant feeling, and let your sitting room be full of drama.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Living Room:
   1. The sitting room generally uses a large bright pendant light or a ceiling mounted light as the main lamp with  a variety of other auxiliary lights such as wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, and etc.

   2. Put an independent lamp or a floor lamp on the one of the end of the sofa, let indirect light scatter in the sitting area where we can talk to or browse books and newspapers.


   3. We can also install a wall lamp with a chic exterior at the proper position, brightening the wall. If there are murals, cabinets,and other things, invisible spotlights can be set to adorn.

   4. Putting a miniture incandescent light  with low illumination beside the TV set can weaken  the constrast between light and shade in the living room, which is good for eyesight protection.

Lighting Design Points od Kitchen:
   1. The kitchen is also a studio, so it needs conventional lighting without shadow. To light up all the surface, does not only light up the level of working area, also includes the vertical face for looking for something in the cupboard.
   2.  A hidden ceiling lamp or a light iluminating upward can provide basic back light. The number of lamps depends on the size of the room. Strip lighting on the working area provids  bright light required.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Kitchen:
   1. The choice of lamps in kitchen is based on principles of being waterproof, easy to clean and preventing lampblack. Generally, astigmatic mounted ceiling lights embedded or half embedded are set in the upper part of the work stand, and the embedded masks should use transparent glasss or plastic. In this way the ceiling is concise, and the trouble of dust and oil pollution can be reduced.

   2. Kitchen ventilator is usually set above the hearth, and inside the hood there are some invisible small incandescent lamps for lighting the hearth. If the kitchen is also used as a dining room, droplights can be set above the table.

     3. Light source should use incandescent light bulbs with warm color, cool color fluorescent lamp unfavorable.

Dining Room
Lighting Design Points of Dining Room:
   1. The focus of lighting decoration at dining room is certainly the dining table.
   2. The lighting of the dining room demands soft, peaceful hue and enough brightness, which can make the family clearly see the food, and it should match with the surrounding environment and table, chair, tableware and so on, constituting a visual aesthetic feeling.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Dining Room:
   1. Suspended droplights are usually available. In order to achieve the effect, the droplights can't be installed too high, but it is above the diners' horizontal line.

   2. Droplights must have shade regulator for the light and lift up and down function. Paying attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, Chinese food often needs some bright warm color. If the light is slightly dim and soft, a romantic emotional appeal can be created when having western food.

Lighting Design Points of Dining Room:
   1. The bedroom is a room for a rest or sleep, asked for better privacy. Soft light is required, and dazzling light is not allowed so as to make it easier for people to sleep.
   2. The area for dressing and makeup requires uniform bright light.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Dining Room:
   1. Mounted ceiling lamps with different light rays can be chosen as the basic lighting, set in the middle of the ceiling.

   2. Wall lamps are available on the wall and near the toilet glass.

   3. Adjustable modern metal lamps with pedestal fixed on the bed backup board can be installed as bed lamp for the head of a bed in addition to the common desk lamp, which is not only beautiful but also practical.

Lighting Design Points of the Study:
   1. In the study you focus on the job by means of the lighting. The bright light focusing around the books and documents can make you read easier and reduce your fatigue.
   2. You must be sure that the rest of room is illuminated by the overall light, which will  make you comfortable at the room, and your working efficiency is improved accordingly.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Study:
   1. Mounted ceiling lamps with simple shape are available as the basic lighting in the study, installed in the middle of the ceiling. Its light is bright and uniform without any shadow.

   2. The study, if installed with downlights with halogen light source on the ceiling, an atmosphere like the vast sky with stars will be created which will make you fly in it to your heart's content with the wings of wisdom.

Lighting Design Points of the Bathroom:
  1. The bathroom should be tidy, clean, fresh and bright in the daylight.
  2. An relaxing, quiet, and intimate style should be ctreated in the bathroom in the evening.
  3. At the same time, the lamps there should be waterproof and dustproof.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Bathroom:
  1. The bathroom needs good conventional lighting on the whole, accent lighting for the mirror as well.
  2. The lamps installed on the ceiling can provide basic back lighting. Adding lights around the mirror used for shaving and makeup can provide bright and uniform light. In such a way the shadow casting on the face can be avoided when the light source is set above the mirror.

   3. In order to look for a chance of enhancing the atmosphere and mood, you can use spotlights to focus the light on the most common items in the bathroom, such as water, glass, mirror. Hence, a marvellous sense of color and space is created.

Porch, Staircase and Balcony
Lighting Design Points of the Porch, Staircase and Balcony :
  1. As for lighting, these areas need special attention because a lot of accidents happen due to some bad visual conditions.
  2. It is also very important to create a hospitable atmosphere in the corridor. They are ordinary areas used as a transaction area, which is very functional for visual performance and comfort.
The Best Lighting Scheme of the Porch, Staircase and Balcony:
  1. The lamps in these places tend to be used for a long time, so the electronic energy-saving lamps can be used in any place owing to their lower consumption on electricity and longer work hours. Their bright light casting at the end of the corridor floor will result in hospitality. And people's eyes are naturally drawn to the brighter areas.

  2. The staircases need good uniform lighting to make sure each step can be illuminated clearly. Spotlights should be avoided at the stairs because of its lighting shadow. The overall lighting at the stair landing also needs high quality.

  3. It is also very important to create a hospitable atmosphere in the corridor. A part of semi-closed balcony needs to use waterproof and dustproof lamps. Installing built-in circular mounted ceiling lights on the balcony top can provide the whole space even and adequate light to meet the lighting needs of doing housework.

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