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Top Ten Global LED Lighting Certification Standards

Data: 2016-10-06

CCC Certification

 The full name of CCC certification is"Compulsory Product Certification System" , which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese Government to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, enhance product quality management in accordance with the laws and regulations.

CCC is to fully solve the problem of various policy, repeated assessment and fees, and no disjunction between the certification action and enforcement action mainly trying to use such solutions as unified diretory, harmonization of standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures,  uniform certification marks, standardized charges.


ISO9000 quality system certification organization is authoritative, approved by the national accreditation body, strict with audit of enterprise quality system.
  For enterprises, in accordance with strictly audited international standards quality system for quality management, they really meet the requirements of the rule of law, science, greatly improve the efficiency and quality, rapidly increasing enterprise's economic benefit and social benefit.
  Outside the enterprise, when customers learned that the supplier manages according to international standards, gets the ISO9000 quality system certification, and have strict audit and periodic monitoring of the certification body, they can be assured that the enterprise is able to stabilize the production of qualified products and is a  trustworthy enterprise with excellent products. Therefore, they feel relieved to enter into a supply contract with the enterprise, expanding the company's market share.

UL Certification

  UL is the abbreviation of United States Underwriter Laboratories Inc.. UL safety test is the most powerful in the United States, also a large civic institution in the world, engaging in security test and evaluation. It is an independent, profitable, and professional institution for public safety testing.

  It uses scientific testing methods to study the damage and the degree of the harm for life and property, resulted from a variety of materials, devices, products, equipment,and construction and others. It defines, compiles, issues the appropriate standards and information helping to reduce and prevent loss of life and property, also carry out truth research in the meantime.


FCC Certification

United States Federal Communications Commission was established in 1934 by COMMUNICATIONACT, an independent agency of the United States Government, directly responsible to the Congress. FCC coordinates domestic and international communications through the control of radio, television, telecommunications, satellite and cable.

  For many radio applications, communication products and digital products' entering the United States market, they are required FCC approval. FCC Commission investigate and study all stages of product safety in order to find the best way to solve the problem, and FCC also tests radios, aircrafts and so forth.

CE Certificattion

  CE certification, is a basic safety requirement, limited to products not endangering safety of humans, animals and goods, instead of the usual quality requirement. Coordinative construction only stipulates that the main requirement and general instructions are standard task. So the accurate meaning: CE mark is a safety approval mark rather than the quality stamp, which makes up the main requirement of the European directive core.

  "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, considered as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter into the European market. In the EU market,  

MET Certification

 MET certification mark applies to United States, and Canada markets.  MET with the C-US indicates that the product has passed testing, in line with the United States and Canada standard, so the product can enter both markets simultaneously.

 CB Certification

CB system (IEC System for conformity testing and certification of electrotechnical products) is an international system operated by IECEE, members of the IECEE certification body based on IEC standards test electrical product safety, and the test result is CB test report and CB test certificate in the IECEE Member States mutual recognition system.

  The objective is to reduce the international trade barriers resulted from meeting different national certification or approval guidelines.

CSA Certification

CSA is the Canada Standards Association for short, founded in 1919, is Canada's the first non-profit institution specially making industrial standards. In the North American market electronics, appliances and other products need to obtain safety certification for sales.

  CSA is currently Canada's the largest security certification body, also one of the most famous safety certification body in the world. It can offer safety certification to all types of product such as machinery, building materials, electric appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, health care fire safety, sports and entertainment and so forth.

GS Certification

 GS is the meaning of safety certification, also the meaning of Germany security. Germany product safety law (GPGS) as the basis, GS certification is a voluntary certification for testing in accordance with EU standard EN or Germany industrial standard DIN, and is the Germany security certification mark recognized in the European market.

VDE Certification

Located in Germany Offenbach, VDE testing and certification Institute is a Research Institute affiliated with Germany electrical engineers Association, founded in 1920. As a neutral, independent body, according to Germany VDE standards or the European standard EN or IEC the International Electrotechnical Commission standard for electrical products VDE laboratory carry out test and certification on the basis of application.

  In many countries, VDE certification mark is even more famous than its own certification mark, in particular recognized and valued by importers and exporters.



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