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Cree Launches LED Product Characterization Tool

Data: 2014-06-05

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, launched the Product Characterization Tool, an interactive LED design tool that simplifies the task of translating nominal LED performance to real-world conditions.       The online tool, accessible via www.cree.com , allows users to easily characterize any  LED over a wide range of operating conditions, including drive current, flux bin, price and junction temperature. It also calculates metrics such as lumen output, lumens per watt, lumens per dollar and  more.       Cree’s Product Characterization Tool (PCT) introduces advanced functionality not commercially  offered by any other LED supplier PCT can perform simple LED system design based on a target total lumen output, calculating parameters such as number of LEDs required and total system efficacy.The calculated system parameters take into account electrical, optical and thermal losses associated with LED system performance. In addition, PCT allows users to compare up to three different XLamp LED configurations at once, empowering customers to best choose between the industry-leading XLamp XR, MC and XP package families.      "The Product Characterization Tool acts like an interactive data sheet, giving users a more intuitive way to design LED systems using XLamp LEDs," said Paul Thieken, Cree, marketing director for LED components. "Determining even basic LED system parameters like efficacy with only data sheet graphs and characteristics used to be a time-consuming process. Cree is moving the LED lighting industry forward by simplifying the process to just a few clicks of the mouse."   About our company: Kam's Light Co., Limited.was founded in 2003, we have our own brand design and OEM business. It is very successful in the lighting field, the taste, design and quality have reached an European level. We believe in "honesty" as our company culture and use it to manage and develop new products in order to supply the best products.  Cree is one of the type of our LED lights. Also we can offer LED down lights, LED ceiling lights,LED cabinet lights,LED bulb lights,LED spot lights,LED strip lights,LED panel lights,LED tube lights and so on.More read welcome to our website:www.kamsled.com

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