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Lighting Design Factors of Clothing Shops

Data: 2016-08-11

Premium Brand Shops
   Relative low illuminance (300lux), low color temperature (2500-3000K), and high color rendering index (Ra>90). Use many spotlights to create dramatic effect so as to attract consumers' attention to clothes and present the shop's atmosphere.

Ordinary Shops
   Average illuminance (300-500lux), natural color temperature (3000-3500K), and high color rendering index (Ra>90). With the combination of much accent lighting, a relaxing and dramatic atmosphere is created


Popular Shops
   Relative high illumince (500-1000lux), moderate color temperature (4000K), and relative high color redering index (Ra>80). Use less spotlights to highlight special goods in the special areas and create an amiable and casual atmosphere.

   Light and color is insepearble. Installing some top and corner lights for the showcase,  a certain lighting effect can be taken, and it can make some changes on based on the original color of the showcase, offering consumers a fresh feeling. The light in showcases must meet the goods' visual demands besides its beauty. The color must be soft with emotional appeal not hard light. In the meantime, downlights, droplights and other decorative lights can be used to empahsize goods' features to make a mentally good impression to cosumers based on the reflection of the goods' true colors.

Storage Racks Display
   The light illuminating on the clothes should be bright (>1000lux). CMH (3000K) is suggested to use in the premium shops, while halogen or fluorescent lamps in two other  kinds of shops. Also, high color rendering index (Ra>80) can lead customers to make a decision of purchase.

Hangers Display
   The light should focus on the goods (>750lux), use illuminant with natural color temperature (2750-3000K) to match the color of clothes and high color redering index (Ra>80-90). Accent lighting should be used in premium and ordinary shops, while mounted and suspended straight fluorescent lamps will be more effective  around the hangers in popular shops.

Display Areas
   The areas should use lamps with dramatic (the light intensity contrast is 30:1) or lower  dramatic (5:1) effect. The brighter light is easy to show the visibility of the displayed goods.

 Lighting is a main tool to endow the fashion shops' image. Before we choose suitable lights the targeted customers should be fully considered. The fixibility of the lighting areas can fully highlight leading products and attract customers' attention and arouse their purchasing power.

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