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Sleepy Baby LED Lamp from Lighting Science Adjusts to Circadian Rhythms

Data: 2015-09-23

Lighting Science Group Corporation of Melbourne, Florida USA, has released the new Sleepy Baby™ LED lamp. The Sleepy Baby™ LED lamp builds on Lighting Science’s proprietary technology upon which the company’s Good Night™ lamp is based. The Sleepy Baby™ light provides the perfect kind of light for a baby’s nightly bedtime routine.

The company points out that traditional indoor lights provide too much light, especially in the “blue sky” wavelength at night. The blue sky wavelength mimics sunrise, and tells the body to wake up and stay away. This can cause insomnia when most lighting provides this same blue wavelength at night as the early sunrise and daytime sun offer. With this specific blue light wavelength gone, and more of the reds and yellows of an actual sunset, an infant’s body begins producing melatonin, a natural hormone for sleep.

Lighting Science Group originally developed the technology in collaboration with NASA to help regulate the sleep and wake cycles of astronauts on the International Space Station. The Sleepy Baby LED lamp enables your child to regulate his or her circadian rhythm naturally and obtain a healthful night’s rest.

"As a scientist, and the father of an infant myself, it was important to me to develop a biologically-correct LED lamp that could benefit my family,” stated Robert Soler, director of lighting research at Lighting Science Group. “Utilizing the ground-breaking, collaborative research we did with NASA for our Good Night™ LED lamps, we biologically tailored it to work to support healthy infant circadian rhythm development and sleep cycles. Your baby can now utilize our light to fall asleep faster; stay asleep longer; and fall back to sleep quicker if awakened for late night feedings or changings. This product takes full circle Lighting Science’s dedication to provide healthy LED lighting and promote the advancement of biological lighting in the global environment.”

Ed Bednarcik, Chief Executive Officer added, “The Sleepy Baby™ light, as well as all our complementary biological lighting products, truly exemplify Lighting Science’s commitment to advancing the science of the power of light in our world. Whether it is helping infants develop proper circadian rhythm, encouraging proper development and growth, or helping weary parents get a good night sleep, our team of scientists and researchers is always looking for ways to advance the science of biological lighting. Sleepy Baby is a natural step for us in the growth of our biological light product line…”

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